Thanks for contacting the World Warfare support team.

If you have received a pop-up message informing you that another device is connecting to your account and you are not connected in any way, this means that someone has gained access to your account.

We discourage anyone from sharing their account details with another individual, as this can lead to a number of issues that can result in you loosing your account, being subject to having your account hacked and the possibility of someone reporting you for account sharing.

Please make sure that anyone you know, such as a friend or family member has been authorized to access your account from another device. Once an account has been linked to a Game Center, Google Play or Facebook account and you have provided another individual access to share their email address with your account, then those accounts are bound. 

We do take account sharing seriously, so if you see this message constantly and your game profile has been modified in any way, please contact us with detailed information so we can investigate. 

Additionally, you may have logged into someone’s device and forgot to log out.
Your account can be accessed from other devices only if you have shared your Game Center/Apple ID or Google+ passwords with others in the past.
Note that our employees will never ask for your Game Center/Apple ID or Google+ password information. Please do not give your personal information to anyone for any reason!