Thank you for contacting the World Warfare support team.

We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have on navigating to and upgrading your battle level, leadership points and troop cap.

You can locate the battle level (where you can also find more information about leadership points and upgrading your troop cap) at top left corner of your screen while in a battlefield: 

  • Leadership is represented by the little white flag icon.(The two numbers next to the white flag represent your used leadership points and the current total leadership points.)
  • Leadership points decide the number of admin areas you wish to capture and you can improve your battle level to gain more of these leadership points.
  • Tap the + icon beside the little white flag icon to convert your resources into leadership points within your Command Center once your battle level reaches 10.
  • To increase your troop cap simply upgrade your cities to lv10. Tap the + icon located next to the little white tank icon to check this out. (Please note that every level 10 city increases the troop cap by 2)
  • Successful upgrades for your battle level, leadership points and troop cap depends heavily on completing more battlefield missions, defeating more enemy troops and destroying more buildings.
  • Also note that the maximum number of the battle level/troop cap/leadership is 99/110/104 respectively.

We hope to have been able to answer question pertaining to these features of the game but if not then feel free to contact us and an agent will further assist you fro there!