Thank you for writing into the World Warfare support team.

We work very hard to ensure all players experience a positive gameplay free of any inappropriate behavior that can violate our code of conduct for chat.

We want to encourage everyone to respect other players when using our in-game chat system, please become familiar with our code of conduct for chat: 

-NO insulting, racist or obscene language is allowed in any channel of any chat room

-NO insulting, racist or obscene wording is allowed in a commander's name


-Understand that you will receive an in-game warning if you violate the rules

-Your chat privileges will be temporarily disabled and you will be blocked from seeing any incoming and outgoing messages

-Any repeated violations can lead to a permanent account suspensions at our discretion

Chat rules can be updated or altered so please stay tuned to any possible changes in the near future and we will be sure to let you know what these changes are.


Should you submit a report to our support team, an investigation will be initiated immediately following the conversation between you and an agent. If you have any questions or any additional information to provide then please respond back and we can proceed from there.

Thanks for playing our game!