Thanks for contacting the World Warfare customer support team. We are here to assist you the best way possible.

Our developers have been made aware of an issue with your troops/units disappearing during battle. This sometimes can be caused by server lag and the animation not properly synchronizing with the server. Adjustments are in the works to better improve the server load and how the server syncs up with the game in real-time.

This could also be due to server lag, but we need to confirm whether you selected to unlock the "Auto-Dispatch" button when troops/units are stored away in their designated base, and if not then there is a possibility that the battlefield server automatically restarted once the battlefield is over as being a factor in causing this to happen. 

If you have lost any troops/units/resources because of this, let us know the coordinates which you sent those troops/units to; if it was another city or league city provide that information as well. If you have any additional details provide those details and try checking your message logs to see what and how many of any troops, units and or resources were lost.

As a side note to this, you may encounter an issue where supply trucks do not disappear but instead after being sent to a designated location, they get stuck, fail to arrive and as a result you lose those resources.

In addition to this, you can check out what our players are discussing about this issue and feel free to add to the discussion if you have a forum account set up. We will be sure to have our moderators collect the information and pass it over to the developers. You can follow the link here: http://www.worldwarfare.com/topic/1479-disappearing-troops/