Thanks for contacting the World Warfare support team. We are here to help get you back into the game in any way possible. We want to apologize in advance for any inconvenience this has caused you, and want to thank you for any information which you provided.

We have been made aware of some technical issues causing some of you to not be able to load into the game. We have been working with our developers to further address this and investigate any and all related  issues that are brought to our attention. We are reaching out to you for more information to help with this investigation. If you are having any issue whatsoever logging into your game or loading after downloading/re-installing, we want to know what it is, when you first noticed this happening and where in-game (if you have been able to make it this far) you are having trouble staying logged into the game.

Any login issue may be device specific and we are looking into this. From what we are aware of, this could be caused by any of the following:

  • Crashing when first loading into the game
  • Crashing during loading
  • Crashing when attempting to first launch the game
  • Unable to log into (Not account-issue related) or load the game after downloading/installing the game
  • Unable to load/log into game due an error received (Please indicate what the message is).
  • Being forced closed out of the game (Indicate when and where this happens, and do you receive an error message prior to this happening?
  • Did you start having any login or loading issues prior to this update or when this update was released?

If there are any other technical issues you encounter not listed here then please list them so we can investigate. If you have a forum account or happen to be browsing our forums, you can check out this link for more information pertaining to this topic and any updates provided by our moderators and affected players: