Thanks for contacting the World Warfare support team.

We have just released an update which features unit changes:

The following unit changes are now live:

Recon Vehicle buffs: +20% to all attack, health and armor. Ammo consumption is reduced to 10/Hour.
Light Tank Buffs: +10% to all attack & health. +50% speed. Ammo Consumption is reduced to 50/Hour.
Cruiser: AOE vs air units!

In addition to the update, we fixed a bug that optimizes the existing "copy feature" in chat, so that chat messages will no longer be copied when scrolling through the screen. Chat messages should now no longer show up in the chat dialog box! 

We also fixed the issue with attachments not being sent to Support, so let us know if you happen to still be encountering this issue.

Please also be sure to exit and restart your game and update the game for these fixes to take place!

 For more information about this update and what's been added into the game, you can click this link for the forum thread if you happen to be browsing through the forums and let us know what you think if you dare:  http://www.worldwarfare.com/topic/1487-maintenance-on-jan18th/