Hey Commanders, 

Here you can find some information about our tournaments, which may change depending on the event details.

Duration: 22:00 on Jan.13th - 21:59 on Feb. 4th UTC

The tournament events open on the second Friday of every other month. Now please allow me to show you the details:

Each participant of this event will get Battlefield Rewards, according to you personal ranking, when each round ends.   
  • Every member of league(s) that take(s) part in this event would get Season Rewards, according to your league final ranking, when this season ends.
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  • Bonuses:

    The leagues, entering top 5 of Silver Cup or Bronze Cup, will have the chance to get fat extra rewards, i.e. bonuses. League leaders of these leagues have to produce a list of the commanders that have the honor to share the bonuses.

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    To Participate:

    • League leader or anyone with access to open a BF click Event-Tournament to form a League Team. 
    • Other members join this League Team.
    • With 6 participants, CINC can hit "Start Battle" then matching begins. It may take awhile to match for a BF. 
    • Please make sure all of you enter battlefield manually within 2 hours after BF started. 



    • Silver Cup: 
    1. Qualified leagues for Silver Cup last season
    2. Top 5 leagues in Bronze Cup last season
    • Bronze Cup:
    1. All the other leagues.
    2. A battlefield will open when at least 4 league teams are matching. 
    3. Each league can only dispatch ONE team to participate in this event per round.
    4. Each league team have to dispatch 6 participants.



    • Open Time: PST 14:00, EST 17:00, UTC 22:00 on Every Friday.
    • Close Time: PST 13:59, EST 16:59, UTC 21:59 on Every Saturday.
    • Duration:  From Jan. 13th to Feb 4th  (Each round opens at every Friday, 4 rounds in total).
    • Top 5 leagues of Bronze Cup will be invited to join Silver Cup next season.

    For more information about these events, you can check out this link which will bring you to the league information homepage: http://www.worldwarfare.com/forum/72-league-tournament/

    For details covering the upcoming season 4 tournament: http://www.worldwarfare.com/topic/1484-tournament-season-4-kicks-off/