Thanks for contacting World Warfare Support.

If you have been playing this game for some time now and have always asked yourself whether there ever needed to be any improvements or adjustments made to how resources are handled between league members, well we have been receiving feedback about this topic and our developers want to help and we can use your help!

We are entertaining the idea of Putting Permissions on LC as well as Improving Leagues Logs. If you have thought about this and have ever encountered complications with internal communication and commands between league members when it comes to handling league resources, how does your league deal with this? We would sincerely like to know, so we welcome any comments, ideas or suggestions you have.

We have a forum thread where this is discussed, and this topic is also being circulated around on social media via Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to drop in and add to the discussion. You can also find information provided by other experienced players that may help address any league city questions/concerns you have.