We have recently received complaints about the short duration of converting a league city back into a personal city. The duration for this process currently takes around 3 minutes to complete, and one should be allowed more time to destroy and capture a league city. 

We have been working with the developers of this game, as well as other members who work on the game, who are allowing us to work with you about the possibility of changing/adjusting how long it takes to convert a League City. We would like to hear your thoughts and opinions on the matter. So please, take some time to reflect on this and if interested, check out the link below to the thread in the forums!

We have at least two points that have been taken out of this topic that which has brought up within the discussion. These two points seem to be what players wish to see changed, let's see what you think:

1- Allow capturing of another's monument!

2- The capping of an enemy monument while having a monument needs to be fixed. When getting attacked they can't convert it back. Treat it like the city shields!

We are collecting more feedback regarding this feature, so please feel free to cast your vote in the poll.